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1. Just how important is a logo to your business? Ahh… the logo. A logo is the face of your business, the single most visible manifestation of your company. Your logo is the shorthand way of referring to your business in advertising and marketing materials- and it provides an anchor point for all your marketing materials. When considering the largest brands of our time you will find that these logos share certain principles. A good logo is simple, memorable, timeless,[...] Continue Reading

While design principles remain infinite, design trends are part of an endless cycle of constant evolution. Bad trends are often showered with popularity and ridicule while the good trends slide under the radar. With an equal mixture of reflection, prediction, and west coast IPA, we do our best to expose the five best design trends of 2014. Flat Design By no means is this a new trend for 2014, however we don’t see this trend changing anytime soon. Flat design[...] Continue Reading

With any trend cycle, doing the opposite of what is popular can completely flip the script and become the next hot thing. In the past few years, web and UI design have experienced a transformation towards “flat design”. First off, what is it? Flat design omits the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism. Skeu-who, skeu-what??  Skeuomorphism is essentially a realistic digital representation of an object… make the object look like it would in real life just for ornamental reasons. For[...] Continue Reading

Check this out – according to a recent study from the Stanford Web Credibility Project, nearly half of all customers buy from a website based on how it looks. If your website pops, your sales will too. If your website causes online “anxiety,” you can just kiss those sales goodbye. How does your website come across to your customers? Would you want to buy from you if you ran into yourself online? Forget the hypothetical and get down to the[...] Continue Reading

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