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1. Just how important is a logo to your business?

Ahh… the logo. A logo is the face of your business, the single most visible manifestation of your company. Your logo is the shorthand way of referring to your business in advertising and marketing materials- and it provides an anchor point for all your marketing materials.

When considering the largest brands of our time you will find that these logos share certain principles. A good logo is simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate for its targeted market. A logo created for a medical practice is not going to be built on the same objectives of a logo created for a fashion line, and whoever is designing your logo should get to know you and your business well. No matter the industry, a good logo can contribute to business success, and a poorly designed logo can imply amateurishness and turn off potential customers. GAP famously learned this lesson the hard way with their poor redesign.


People find security in consistency- and if your logo is able to portray professionalism and competency, coupled with quality service; your logo will create a sense of security among your targeted audience. As patients, clients, and consumers grow to know a company’s logo; they will associate their experiences with it and favor it over competitors; creating long-term, loyal customers.

Do you have a logo now that you don’t feel is doing justice for your business? You can rebrand your company. With rebranding, you can replace a stale company image with a new one, bringing a new feel and energy to your business. Changing your logo can keep your company relevant in today’s world and offer a way to get rid of any unfavorable attitudes or associations that have been made with your business. Be proud of your logo and create one with a professional design team that takes the time to get to know you, your business, objectives and long term goals.

2. Want an INCREDIBLE logo? Here are a few pointers…

Is there a specific formula for creating a perfect logo, a logo that once you see it, you will remember it forever? Well, not exactly, however, a long lasting and impressionable logo commonly possesses a few qualities.

Be unique

Your logo should stand out and be recognized among the others in your market space. Feel confident that a logo does not have to say what your company or business does in a literal sense. Consider some of the most recognized logos today, like the Mercedes logo. Visually, it does not reflect “automobile” and few even know the 3-pointed star represents motorization “on land, on water, and in the air”. Don’t feel like your logo has to be of a body or silhouette just because you are in the medical industry. There are no requirements.


Be adaptable

Remember that a logo is not just used on the front page of your website. It has to translate well onto ads, business cards, social media profiles, or even a billboard. If your logo isn’t designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, you could face problems portraying your brands intelligibility and value.

Be timeless

An incredible logo should not be one that is based off the latest trends, or newest hype. A logo should possess the ability to relevant once it’s made and still be relevant 20 years later. Trends come and go, but when it comes to creating your identity as a company or practice, a long life is key.


Be appropriate

Being unique is one thing, and being appropriate it another. While you logo does not need to say what your business is, it should be appropriate for your audience and market. Different colors and fonts are associated with different products and cultures. The theme of your logo reflects on your company’s culture, value and essence. Color is a major attribute, and your designer should work closely on choosing colors appropriate for your branding.

Be you

Remember, your logo is something that will always be in your face. Seeing it should make you feel happy and confident. You shouldn’t choose a logo that you don’t feel is a true reflection of your practice or company, and you shouldn’t choose one that does not excite you. You are running an incredible business, why should you settle for a logo that is anything but?

3. The Process of Designing an Incredible Logo

By now, you’ve realized how important a logo is for your identity and brand and what elements go into making a logo incredible. You might be asking how these logos are made. The design process of a logo is a critical part. Every business, no matter how small or large needs a logo. Creating logos is something that most designers can do, but very few can do it right.

Gaining an understanding

A lot of people think that understanding your brand and company is about knowing what you want to sell; but it’s a lot more than that. Gaining an understanding about your brand is about knowing your target market and how they benefit from your service. Knowing your products, services and the vibe and feel you want to relay to your potential customers or patients are also must have elements in design research.


Creating takes experimenting. In order to create the right logo, your designer should be experimenting with concepts, colors, fonts and styles. After understanding your brand and company, experimenting leads to finding the right typeface that will speak to your target market and represent your business.



Keeping your branding consistent is a big part of your marketing. If you are established, you most likely have a color scheme you work with which can be worked into your new logo. If you are just starting out, choosing a new color scheme will help create that consistency and branding that you want. Spacing and customization are musts in refining your logo.


You should be able to openly talk to your designer about how your logo is forming. After viewing a few options of different typefaces presented, you should be able to choose which one speaks to you, your services and market the most.  Your designer should be able to listen to you, discuss your options and implement changes that are relevant and best for your brand. A designer should be honest and straightforward with you, even if that means telling you that your suggestions are not the best for your business branding.


Once you have approved a logo design, you should get your logo in multiple formats. A logo should look good in different arrangements, not only for the web, but also for print. Information on your logo style and font should also be provided so you can use it for your marketing and branding. Your completed logo should make you feel proud of your brand and excited to show it to the world!

A design process that makes an incredible logo takes an incredible designer. If you want a logo that is created from a detailed and thorough design process, contact to reach one of our incredible designers!

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