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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Sure, YouTube is the place to catch all those viral videos that circulate through social media, but it’s also considered one of the largest search engines on the Internet today. To that end, Google is changing the way videos are ranked on YouTube, to bring videos with higher quality viewing content to their users. It’s not a new concept; Google has been fiddling with search engine optimization (SEO), the tool website creators use to draw traffic to websites, for some[...] Continue Reading

Check this out – according to a recent study from the Stanford Web Credibility Project, nearly half of all customers buy from a website based on how it looks. If your website pops, your sales will too. If your website causes online “anxiety,” you can just kiss those sales goodbye. How does your website come across to your customers? Would you want to buy from you if you ran into yourself online? Forget the hypothetical and get down to the[...] Continue Reading