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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Find the Meta Keyword Tag and stuff it full of keywords, dozens of them, and be sure to put them in every page of your site. This will certainly get you to Page #1 of Google, Bing & Yahoo, right? Yeah, if it was 2006…the fact is, keywords and the Meta Keyword Tag are a thing of the past. Using them not only brings no benefit to speak of, they can actually now hurt your website rankings. Google’s own Matt[...] Continue Reading

Ask yourself these questions. It may be time to ENERGIZE your marketing! 1.) Do you have an online marketing strategy for gaining new patients? 2.) Do you have a content game plan for attracting visitors? 3.) Do you optimize your content and have a local SEO strategy? 4.) Are you monitoring what people are saying about you online? 5.) Are you sharing your news and educating patients through social media? If you answered NO to any of the questions above,[...] Continue Reading

Incredible Marketing is attending the 34rd ASLMS Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona! Do you have an online marketing strategy for gaining new patients? Our web scientists be there to discuss how marketing your practice online can increase your visibility, attract new patients, and increase their return. Incredible Marketing is a full-service internet marketing firm specializing in SEO and Social Media, Mobile Websites, and Custom Web Design. We take a custom approach with each of our clients online marketing campaigns. Our goal[...] Continue Reading