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How Users Are Affected By the World of Mobile Search It’s an age when more people think of a smartphone instead of an edible fruit from the Rosaceae family when they hear the word “blackberry.”  It’s an age when people spend more time chatting with their friends on mobile social networking sites rather than in person.  It’s an age when mobile technology has moved beyond geek-speak and into world conquering mode. From spying on their high school exes on Facebook[...] Continue Reading

Our New Site

Posted on March 15, 2011 in Incredible Marketing News

Incredible Marketing has now launched a Brand New Company website….all to try and impress the socks off you! We hope to bring attention to the technical sophistication of the development of our own site, as well as highlight what we do, and what we have done in the past! Your feedback is invaluable, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think! Drop us a line if you want to be Incredible too!!

Source: Marketing Renaissance If you know the basic format and proven techniques that are incorporated into every successful advertisement, writing a good print ad is not difficult. ADVERTISING COPY The first step in creating a good advertisement is to establish the appeal – the reason the reader will buy, or request more information. The four main appeals are; sex, which includes love, affection and friendship; greed, things money can buy; fear, fear of not getting what you want, or losing[...] Continue Reading

Source: Daily Mail Google will launch its own social network in May, it has been claimed. The search engine giant will unveil Google Circles at its Google I/O conference in San Francisco, according to technology blog The Next Web. It is thought the network will allow users to selectively share content with people who are members of different social circles in their lives. Users will be able to filter what content is shown to which group. Reports that Google Circles[...] Continue Reading

Source: Search Marketing Standard The term ‘mobile site’ is set to be one of 2011’s hottest buzzwords. As mobile devices like the iPhone and a multitude of Android cells flood the market, every website owner needs to turn on to the possibilities of a mobile website. Simply put, a mobile site is normally a scaled down version of a regular website, developed specifically to be shown on a mobile device such as a BlackBerry or iPhone. Developing a mobile site[...] Continue Reading

Source: Search Engine Watch YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally. So, follow the YouTube partners who are making that money. They include established media companies like Sony Pictures and Universal Music Group; new media companies like Mondo Media and Machinima; and YouTube web hit-makers, users who have created extremely popular videos on YouTube. For example, take a closer look at Next New Networks, an independent video production company based in New York. As Danny Goodwin[...] Continue Reading

SEO experts are kept on their toes every time Google, the search giant tweaks the knobs of its search algorithms. This was especially evident in the latter part of 2010 when Google made sweeping changes on factors affecting search results. One in particular wherein relevancy of search results shifted to becoming local and more personalized. In the world of search things don’t stand still very long and 2011 won’t be an exception. So as the saying goes, “The pessimist complains[...] Continue Reading

Source: Earth Web “Make Web Not War” sounds like a slogan that an aging ad executive would coin in a desperate attempt to sound hip to twenty-something developers — most of whom have probably never heard the original catchphrase opposing the Vietnam War. But whatever the origins of the name, Make Web Not War is the tagline for Microsoft’s strategy to encourage open source development for its applications. It has been used in the United States, England, and Europe. In[...] Continue Reading

Source: Read Write Web Aaron Forth, Vice President of Product for personal finance and budgeting service Mint. com, talked at SXSW this week about the challenges the company faced when going mobile. As a service whose business model depends on people visiting the website, the decision to launch a mobile application was not one the company took lightly, Forth said. But Mint did decide go mobile, launching first on iPhone, then on Android, after studying the actions of its[...] Continue Reading

Source: The Star MONTREAL—Canadian web surfers are reaching into their pocket books to help with the relief effort in Japan. The Canadian Red Cross says online tools like Twitter and Facebook have increased awareness of the disaster and encouraged people to donate. Karen Snider, media manager for the humanitarian organization, said donations via text message received a major boost after the instructions were re-posted by an army of supporters on Twitter. “This has been so exciting for us,” she said[...] Continue Reading