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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What Happened to my Facebook News Feed? Facebook has made updates again and has politely included instructions & explanations as to why and how. Here is the basic breakdown of what has changed: 1)      Since you have last logged on to Facebook, all of the news & photos they think you will find most interesting is displayed at the top. Facebook has now marked these top stories with a blue corner. 2)      Photos are now bigger in your news feed![...] Continue Reading

Facebook has rolled out another new feature called the Subscribe button!  The purpose behind the button is to “subscribe” to people you are in interested in and fine tune your news feed. For example, if you have a certain celebrity or political figure you like to hear from, you can subscribe to their public updates and they will appear in your news feed. You can also pick and choose what types of updates and posts you want to view.  So[...] Continue Reading

Over 25 million people have migrated over to using Google+. Beating Facebook for the title of the fastest growing social network, Google+ comes with some features that also provide some hefty competition! I know it is difficult to go onto a new social network where most of your friends might have not switched to the other side, but Google+ has created some unique features to make you consider leaving Facebook behind… 1)      Circles- This feature lets you organize your contacts[...] Continue Reading