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Monthly Archives: January 2013

TODAY, the BLUE GIANT released their newest product – The FACEBOOK CARD. Don’t you hate shopping for friends or receiving gifts you will never use and can’t return? Or how about having multiple gift cards with balances you can’t keep track of. PROBLEM SOLVED. Facebook has launched the new Facebook Card, a reusable gift card that keeps monetary balances from your favorite retailers all in one place. Facebook is constantly trying to regain confidence from its investors, and this is[...] Continue Reading

With any trend cycle, doing the opposite of what is popular can completely flip the script and become the next hot thing. In the past few years, web and UI design have experienced a transformation towards “flat design”. First off, what is it? Flat design omits the usual gradients, pixel perfect shadows, and skeuomorphism. Skeu-who, skeu-what??  Skeuomorphism is essentially a realistic digital representation of an object… make the object look like it would in real life just for ornamental reasons. For[...] Continue Reading

At 1:07 EST on Tuesday January 15, Mark Zuckerburg stood in front of more than 120 bloggers and reporters to announce Facebook’s newest platform – graph search. Graph search will allow users to search photos, interests and places of people who have shared content with you. Zuckerburg explained that graph search will have privacy settings so that friends can take down embarrassing photos of you or you can untag yourself from pictures. Zuckerburg made a point to say, “what is[...] Continue Reading