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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Editor’s note: This is PART 2 of the article we previously wrote – WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal. This article is for the serious nerds, and those that want to know more about Drupal vs WordPress.  We are comparing WordPress Version 3.5+ vs Drupal’s latest version 7.x WordPress vs Drupal: Round II Welcome to this week’s nerd fight, WordPress vs. Drupal.  On one side we have WordPress, the world’s most used CMS, and the choice of designers everywhere.  On the other[...] Continue Reading

Every month, the amount of people who search the web for healthcare information increases. How many different websites, Facebook pages, and review sites do you think your new potential patients visit before they find you? Marketing your healthcare practice online is more important now than ever, due to the accessibility the internet provides people with information. People are now depending on the recommendations of others to make decisions, and your website, SEO, and social media marketing efforts need to be[...] Continue Reading

Don’t Fear the Penguin As an SEO Director that has embraced social media, I urge SEO experts to not fear Google Penguin. Embrace it. Hug the Penguin. Let me explain why… Google Penguin plans to give content creators a fair shake. That’s really it. So, why should that be something to be bummed about? It should not. Search engines like Google and Bing should spit out the best results when you search for a keyword. It shouldn’t come down to[...] Continue Reading

The social media juggernaut is getting into the search engine world. This would be a huge step for Facebook to take. Currently, their network is funded by a digital ad platform, one that I believe to be better than Google’s. To shift focus from their bread and butter to search is a crazy move. This would be another platform and grand audience for companies and marketers to implement. But, it will also be a new platform to learn, test and[...] Continue Reading

In a world where SEO was once the be-all-end-all for Internet marketing, keywords were king. In fact, your content could quite nearly be total crap as long as you crammed in the right keywords in a nice density. Today, SEO has evolved into a much more sophisticated science where content is now king. However, there is no reason to kiss SEO goodbye entirely. There are ways to create an amicable union between SEO and content marketing that will give your[...] Continue Reading

The Twitter Archive: Let the Downloads Begin! Tweeters are now able to download all of their tweets. Forever? Forever ever. It has begun. Twitter users have been given the access to start downloading their tweet archive. How Does it Work? Once logged into your Twitter account, click Settings, then select Account, scroll down and press the button that says Request Your Archive. On clicking this, twitter informs that they will mail you the download link when the archive is ready.[...] Continue Reading

A lower court’s ruling that declared Google to have violated trade laws with their allowance of AdWords purchasing  has been overturned by a higher court. Google won a historic lawsuit against the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) in which they were found to not be directly responsible for misleading any of the advertising it had on its website. All five judges of the Australian High Court unanimously ruled that Google didn’t break any of Australia’s trade laws when they[...] Continue Reading

How Linkedin Can Help Your Business When we talk about advertising online, we usually stick to Google Adwords, Facebook, You Tube and Bing. I have not touched on Twitter’s ‘Sponsored Tweets’ yet, but I will in the weeks to come. Today I’d like to focus on the business networking site we all know as Linkedin. How in the world can Linkedin help your business online minus branding, portfolio and just another organic seo result? Let’s break it down… Linkedin Advertising[...] Continue Reading