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Monthly Archives: March 2013

DID YOU KNOW that blogging can improve your social media marketing and search engine rankings? Creating unique and engaging content can help boost your online marketing efforts, attract new customers, and brand you as an industry expert. Here are some tips to make your blog INCREDIBLE! 1.) Use Your Social Media Networks to Promote Your Blog Posts! It is important to maintain a good mix of industry news, fun posts, and self promotional status updates. When you are going to[...] Continue Reading

Are you ready for another Facebook update with revamped features? The new News Feed will have larger images, multiple feeds for different interests, and a streamlined user experience across devices. Facebook decided to redesign the News Feed in hopes of solving their biggest challenges: keeping users from jumping to other social networks and bringing in more money for investors. Mark Zuckerberg said he wants Facebook to be “the best personalized newspaper in the world.” The News Feed will now feature[...] Continue Reading

Social media marketing is a time consuming task, but it is extremely important in maintaining an online presence, monitoring the conversations about your brand or business online and to bring in new customers! Social media now even affects your SEO results. Many marketers have been debating whether or not Google+ is a waste of time and a desolate ghost town, and if all efforts should be towards building your Facebook business page instead. We took the time to compare the[...] Continue Reading

Watch the following video on Incredible Keyword Meta Tag Optimization:   One of the very first things you should know as an “SEO Expert” is how to properly optimize a keyword meta tag.  Sure, we all know the keyword meta tag holds minimal power in the overall scope of seo these days, but it is still an example of how seo should be done properly.  It is my biggest pet peeve when I see websites that have general keywords within[...] Continue Reading