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A new Facebook system, dubbed Facebook Exchange, will use your web-surfing activity to send you ads they think you’ll be interested in. Advertisers will be able to bid to get their ads in front of you.

Say you’ve been searching swimwear sites for your vacation to Miami. If an advertiser has a bid for that kind of a search, you will start seeing discounted trips to Miami and other swimwear stores the next time you visit Facebook on your personal page.

Let’s examine how this will affect your business!


According to research firm International Data Corporation, more than $5 billion in online advertising is expected to go to real-time bidding ads in the United States in 2015. That’s 27% of what’s predicted to be spent, up from less than 10% last year!


Instead of targeting a large group, we can now target people who have relevant interests and run more effective and efficient campaigns.


More BANG for your BUCK! No one wants to spend $$ on misguided ads!

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