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TODAY, the BLUE GIANT released their newest product – The FACEBOOK CARD.

Don’t you hate shopping for friends or receiving gifts you will never use and can’t return? Or how about having multiple gift cards with balances you can’t keep track of. PROBLEM SOLVED. Facebook has launched the new Facebook Card, a reusable gift card that keeps monetary balances from your favorite retailers all in one place. Facebook is constantly trying to regain confidence from its investors, and this is an expansion of their Gifts program to show that they can find new ways of making money. The first retailers to jump on board are Target, Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, and Sephora.

HOW IT WORKS: Go to the Facebook Gift Cards & Digital category, then select a retailer and a value. If a friend purchases a card for you through the Facebook Gifts product, you will be alerted. Your card will then be sent to you via mail, and you can keep track of your balances online or on your mobile phone. One card will work for all of your favorite retailers and it will keep all the balances in one place, on the same card!

So what do you think? Would you purchase a Facebook Card for your friend?