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Over 25 million people have migrated over to using Google+. Beating Facebook for the title of the fastest growing social network, Google+ comes with some features that also provide some hefty competition! I know it is difficult to go onto a new social network where most of your friends might have not switched to the other side, but Google+ has created some unique features to make you consider leaving Facebook behind…

1)      Circles- This feature lets you organize your contacts based off of different groups. Only want your friends to see a status update of your weekend Vegas trip instead of your parents? Circles allows you to select who sees them, and also choose which circles news stream you want to see. Separate your work, friends, and family with circles.

2)      Longer posts- Instead of having a 140 character limit on Twitter, you can write paragraphs of information on Google+.

3)      No Ads Allowed!- Right now, Google+ is ad free! They are trying to stay “cool” like Facebook did before they opened up to businesses and ad space. Enjoy it while it lasts, because as Goolge+ grows they are going to have to find sources of income for their operations, and what’s easier than running ads!

4)      Privacy- Even though you cannot control your profile being private, you can control who is viewing your updates through the Circles feature!

5)      Group Video Chat- Take it back to Jr. High with 3-way calling… Google+ allows you to video chat with up to 10 friends! Want to make it interesting? Use Google+ Hangouts feature to chat about videos with your friends!

6)      No Farmville Updates- Have that one friend on Farmville all day at work? Now you can lose the annoyance because Google+ separates them from your news stream.

7)      Larger than life pictures- Google+ by far has the best picture sharing! You can see full-screen photo galleries!

8)      Easy to get a hold of- Have you ever tried to reach Facebook’s customer service? Bet you still can’t get through. Google+ is there and available to respond to user questions and your “dis-likes”.

9)      Clear of distraction- Google+ has a simple white background, along with no cluttering of ads on the sides!

10)  Google+ is connected- have a Gmail, Google calendar, or other Google service? Google+ is integrated and connected to all of the current services they offer, and many more to come!

It comes down to personal preference but so far, Google+ appears to be “winning” in the features department. Have you switched teams yet?