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#1 Misconception: Your customers aren’t using social media

Social media was once dominated by teens and young adults, but this is changing. Ninety-three percent of adult internet users are on Facebook alone. People are not only using social networks, but are on them for extended periods of time. On average, people spend 4.6 hours a week on social sites.

#2 Misconception: Social media is free

Although joining social networks is free, establishing an effective social media presence is not.

You need social media experts to:

–          Build your page and profile

–          Plan a strategic engagement plan

–          Create, update and share unique content

–          Interact with your customers

–          Monitor the success of your social media efforts

All this is labor that costs. However, this cost is worth it. Social media marketing efforts average a 95% return on investment.


#3 Misconception: Social media is like every other marketing medium

Social media is different than traditional marketing. In the past, your audience was targeted through ads or by them searching keywords related to you.

Your message organically spreads like wild fire through social media.  The more your current customers interact with you, the more potential customers see your message. They weren’t even thinking of you, your product or service, but now he or she is seeing your message simply because of a friend’s interaction.

#4 Misconception: You need content to get started

Content is crucial in social media. People tune in because of what you have to offer. That doesn’t mean you have to reinvent your company just to develop content for your customers. It’s already available on the internet!

–          48 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute

–          150 million blogs are online

Sharing your own content is a great way to establish trust and expertise, but so is sharing quality content of others. It does not have to be about your business, but it has to speak to your audience and paint your business in a positive light.


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