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Let’s start with this simple fact: People LOVE to shop! Social Media is a great way to increase your online visibility, promote word of mouth marketing, and build buzz around your products and services. People visit your Facebook page because they want to see the expert tips and how-to-tricks you post, to learn something about your practice, and to access special deals and promotions. Here is a list of the 4 best ways to sell your products & get people booking your services through social media!


People love to feel like they are VIP, so offer a Facebook fan-only promotion! Creating ads for deals that require people to LIKE your page in order to redeem the offer is a smart way to get likes and increase your fan base. Also, tell people who come into the office that Facebook fans get deals often and encourage them to like your page. Put up a flyer over your products display that says “Facebook Fans get 10% OFF all skin care products!” This can encourage people to like your page, and can encourage people who already like your page to buy something. Keep it fresh and always add new creative ways to promote a product.


Let people feel like they have to jump on a deal the minute they see it or else the opportunity will pass them by! With people scrolling through their Facebook pages so quickly and so often, you really have to be sure that you are capturing their attention when they come upon your post. Certain language works best when creating ads with a sense of urgency. For best results, you will want to incorporate marketing tactics that make your fans feel like they are getting an insider’s deal and not a sales pitch.

Encourage SHARING!

When people share your post, all their friends are now seeing it. A great way to get people to share your post is by offering a discount. For example, make a post that offers the first ten people that share your ad 10% off their next product purchase. This is a tactic that can be used to get your post seen by more people and also a way to create a sense of urgency to share the post.

Keep your social media profiles CURRENT!

If you have not posted for months, and then all of a sudden bombard your fans with ads for your new products, you can come off as spammy (actions like these cause people to ‘unlike’ your page!). You don’t want to try to sell to people who you have not engaged in a while. Remember, social media is an ongoing conversation. You have to warm people up to you. When you keep your social media accounts alive and active, the ball is always in your court. You control and guide the conversation because you have already established your page as a go-to-site for information about your field.

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