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If you are going to go social, you better do it right! Social Media is the new way of capturing people’s attention, engaging, and converting them into paying customers. People are more “brand aware” than ever before, and if you are not actively growing an audience online through social networks, you will begin to lose to your competition. It’s about getting people to know you and your business on a social level, what sets you apart, why you are cutting-edge, and why you really care about your industry and the people who choose your services.

Here are 6 things that will make your social media marketing campaign stronger!

Communicate with your followers

Did someone leave you a comment on one of your Facebook posts, or did they reply to one of your tweets? Don’t leave your fans hanging. People notice if you are replying and seeing that the page administrators took the time to respond. Engaging with fans shows a sense of care and good follow-up. For your practice, social media should be about creating a community and establishing connections between your practice and your loyal and potential patients.

Jump on the opportunities to cross promote

Cross promoting is when you mention someone in your Facebook post because they have something to do with what you are talking about. For example, let’s say that your practice has teamed up with a local school and is running a “back to school special” which donates a portion of profits. When you announce the good news on your Facebook page, you want to mention the Facebook page of that school as well. This makes your post show up on their news feed, and can prompt them to share your post with all of their fans.

Hashtags are not just for Twitter anymore!

Hashtags are a great way to get your posts and tweets found by people searching those specific keywords, topics, or phrases! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus all use hashtags for categorizing messages and content. For example, if you’re promoting fillers and skin treatments, using hashtags like #Botox or #SkinCare can get your posts found more easily. So, if anyone is browsing information about skin care on Facebook, guess whose post they are going to come across? YOURS!

Get Personal

Have a patient walking out that is super happy about their results? Take a moment to pose for a photo and ask for a recommendation on a review site! Uploading a picture of you and your patients is a great way to reveal your personable side. It can make people warm up to the idea of visiting a practice – especially if they have never done any type of work before and feel a little hesitant. Of course, be sure of get every patient’s permission before uploading a photo. Some might not be up for it – and that’s OK, because someone else will be.

Take pictures of the behind the scenes in your office too! Did someone bring some goodies into work with them for the staff today? Take a picture of it and put it online! People respond very well to photos that show behind the scenes images.

@Mention People & Retweet

If you’re talking about a new health tip you heard in a major magazine, go ahead and tag that magazine in your Facebook post! This will allow your post to show up on their wall and get more eyes on your Facebook fan page. Likewise with Twitter- @mention a brand, business, or a popular person in hopes of getting a retweet.

For example, let’s say you have a line of skincare products at your practice, mentioning their brand on Twitter can prompt them to retweet your status, which can get you more followers!

Optimizing your Google Plus Profile

We know what you’re thinking: Another social media network that needs to be maintained? YES! And a powerful social media site at that! Having a Google Plus business page with engaging blog-type posts and hashtags is a fantastic way to get your practice popping up in Google search results. Google Plus also offers a platform for your patients to leave you a review, check into your practice and find links to all your other social media profiles.

Sound like a lot of work? Here are 8 INCREDIBLE reasons you should be implementing social media into your marketing strategy:

  • 1) Retain patients and maximize referrals.
  • 2) Expand your brand presence to attract and convert online business.
  • 3) Make yourself more visible.
  • 4) Establish yourself as the industry leader.
  • 5) It’s an easy way to connect with patients outside of your office.
  • 6) Improves your search engine visibility and rankings.
  • 7) Manage your online reputation and get positive reviews.
  • 8) Dominate your local competition!

Don’t forget: In order to be able to maximize all the benefits of social media, you need to know what’s viral, how to do it, and what’s trending! Knowing these things and continuously upgrading your social media profiles to keep up with the times is KEY to staying relevant in the social media world.

Incredible Marketing can handle all your social media needs from A to Z. We stay on the bleeding edge of all changes and upgrades so you don’t have to! Call us today at 800.949.0133, or click HERE to learn about our extensive social media package and setting up your FREE marketing analysis!