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Ask yourself these questions. It may be time to ENERGIZE your marketing!

  • 1.) Do you have an online marketing strategy for gaining new patients?

  • 2.) Do you have a content game plan for attracting visitors?

  • 3.) Do you optimize your content and have a local SEO strategy?

  • 4.) Are you monitoring what people are saying about you online?

  • 5.) Are you sharing your news and educating patients through social media?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, it might be time for you to ENERGIZE your marketing! You need a game plan that incorporates blogging, social media, and SEO to drive traffic to your website and patients through your doors. We have a unique content marketing formula that blends Social Media, SEO, and Blogging together to make you a ROCKSTAR! If you want results, you need to be social, be searchable, and be engaging.


Just admit it – being popular makes you MONEY. Your business needs to be using social media to connect and interact with current and potential patients. Choosing a surgeon is personal, so let them get to know you and your staff! Your Facebook page should be a mix of educational, newsworthy, and behind the scenes posts. Get more engagement on your Facebook page by sharing status updates about trending stories, and then relate them back to your practice. Use social media as the fuel to spread your blogs online like wildfire! You already have a captured audience on Facebook that is interested in hearing what you have to say, so share your content and drive them back to your website! Fans = new patients.


If people can’t find you in a simple Google search, you are losing business! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables patients to ‘organically’ find your medical practice via the major search engines. Increase your search visibility by implementing a local SEO strategy! A website is only as good as its content will take it. Your content should be unique to your business and services. Blogging will provide fresh, optimized content that in turn will BOOST your search rankings and put you above your competitors. Did you know that videos in search results get clicked on more than other SERP listings? Videos are incredible pieces of HIGH QUALITY content that can make a significant improvement to your rankings. Start by making a few 2 minute videos answering some of your patients most common questions, and promote these as a FAQ Spotlight via social media!


Know what your patients are talking about, the answers they are searching for, and what motivates them to take action! Blogging is a great way to show your knowledge and brand yourself as THE industry expert. Make sure you choose blog topics that ANSWER some of the questions your patients ask, and gain some extra search traffic from newsworthy topics that are trending online! Blog topics could be as simple as Saline Vs. Silicone, or did Kim Kardashian get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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