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Social Media users can now earn deals through a social rewards program when you tweet or post to Facebook! Social Rewards is a new loyalty-marketing program that rewards points when you tweet or post to Facebook about brands that you like. For example, you can earn five points for a Tweet and up to 250 points if your share or post leads to a room being booked! Brands who have existing loyalty programs and companies who want to start one are both perfect candidates for using the Social Rewards program.

Luxor casino in Las Vegas has started a rewards program where members can earn points to receive drinks, nightclub entry, tickets, and even a free room at the casino! This also comes into play when you already have a planned vacation. Leading up to your stay you can talk about it through your social media accounts and earn points towards rewards for your upcoming trip. This helps to build up the excitement and get people talking about the brand!

Benefits for creating a reward program for your business? Brand amplification! Joseph Morin, Co-founder and CEO of Social Rewards says “Since their own loyal customers are tweeting and Facebook posting, it gets re-tweeted and Liked more than if they just tweeted it or posted it on the brand social media accounts.” The cost is 10 cents per engagement (click, re-tweet, reply, or like) and the outcome can be thousands of online impressions.

Social Media is constantly in 5th gear, and Social Rewards is now a driving force to get people talking on Facebook and Twitter about brands. The best advertising is word of mouth, and Social Rewards empowers people to do just that by offering them an incentive for being loyal. You can find Social Rewards programs in most Las Vegas casinos, and their goal is to expand to airlines, restaurants, movies, and other cross promotional outlets. Happy Tweeting!