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Don’t Fear the Penguin

Posted on February 25, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News, Articles, News

Don’t Fear the Penguin

As an SEO Director that has embraced social media, I urge SEO experts to not fear Google Penguin. Embrace it. Hug the Penguin. Let me explain why…

Google Penguin plans to give content creators a fair shake. That’s really it. So, why should that be something to be bummed about? It should not. Search engines like Google and Bing should spit out the best results when you search for a keyword. It shouldn’t come down to who has the most keyword spread throughout their post. It should not be about how big and powerful the publisher is. It should not be about how many incoming links they have. It should be about quality. I for one, am happy Google is finally going to attempt to change things up.

I grew up in a town called Goleta, right outside of Santa Barbara. In Goleta, there was a tiny pizza parlor called Rusty’s Pizza. Rusty’s to this day, is still my favorite pizza. Everyone in Goleta knew that Rusty’s was the best place to get pizza. But, what about tourists? What if they Googled “pizza” while they were visiting Goleta? I can tell you right now that Rusty’s was not at the the top of the search results. They were dominated by Domino’s and Little Caesars. I know this is an odd example, but it is exactly relatable to what Google aspires to do with Penguin. When a tourist was visiting Goleta and they searched “pizza”, how great would it have been if Rusty’s had popped as the top result! They are known as the best pizza by locals, so wouldn’t that make sense? I believe so.

From what I understand about Penguin, its algorithm will attempt to encompass additional factors into their search results. Most factors will probably be related to social media and mainly Facebook. Much like you see Yelp high in the search results now, Penguin will try to give the best results based on what people are sharing and talking about. This in essence, means the little guy now has a chance.

So, SEO experts… dive in. Learn about the Penguin algorithm and incorporate the new school into the old school. If you think search is never going to evolve, you obviously haven’t been around that long. Keep up, make yourself more valuable and your clients won’t leave you in the dust.

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