Home of the incredible bizzy bees

Whispers of a Facebook phone started months ago and seemed almost like a myth until today when
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally announced its new ‘Home’ software for Android devices and
unveiled the HTC First, a phone with the software pre-loaded.

So let’s get straight to it: What is ‘Home’ and how will it affect your business?

What is it?

The software, available for download starting April 12, will push Facebook at the forefront of a user’s
device. Instead of the usual contacts, email, calculator, maps, users will be welcomed with a constant
stream of photos and updates from their Facebook feeds now dubbed ‘Cover Feeds.’

In addition, Home brings a new ‘Chat Heads’ feature which showcases Facebook conversations to the
home screen while allowing the user to tap between threads and apps.

The Home software will only be available for specific phones at launch. Those included are: HTC One,
One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4, and Note II.

If you plan to purchase the HTC First, Facebook Home will come fully optimized. Instagram will be pre-
loaded and notifications for emails and calendars will be built-in.

How will ‘Home’ affect your business?

Facebook accounts for 23% of the time people spend on smartphones. With this new software, your existing and future customers/patients will be able to get valuable news, updates and information directly from you at an even faster rate through their fingertips!

Now more than ever your presence on Facebook as a business is crucial. Need help building and managing a successful social strategy? We’re called INCREDIBLE for a reason. Find out for yourself!