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Have you noticed the new five-star rating on your Facebook business page? They are not new, but their location is, and this could IMPACT your business!

The stars are hard to miss, located right beneath your cover photo and business name. Their visibility could easily cause people to quickly judge your brand or business before scrolling through your timeline to see all of your great fan engagement!


This could be great! If your brand rocks and you have incredible reviews from happy fans – this will make you stand out from your competition! Businesses could start competing for star reviews instead of Likes – which means you should start rethinking your social media & reputation management strategy. After all, people love to hit the reviews sites and share their experience. If you have happy fans leaving good reviews, this could help you increase leads!


Is Facebook turning into another Yelp? The stars are in a very prominent position on the Facebook business page, located right below the cover photo and next to your profile picture. However, these stars have been around for a while now! If you go to your Facebook mobile phone app, you will see that the star rating and reviews are there, right below the Like button. If fans are on the Facebook mobile phone app, they can write you a review immediately, and even have to scroll over the review section and the map before they see your posts.

Are you wondering why you even have a star rating if you have no reviews written on your Facebook page? Chances are, you do! You can check this by going to your Facebook page on your mobile device. Underneath your overall star rating, it will tell you how many people have left you a review. The most frustrating part of the star ratings and reviews is that you can’t see what people have written about your business if they selected the audience to be private or for friends. Now you don’t even have a chance to reach out to them and try to reconcile and have the review removed. The average rating could be skewed as well if you have a mix of high and low reviews. If this isn’t bad enough, Facebook could decide to use the star reviews in the Like box on your website, or anywhere else there is embedded content!

Here was Facebook’s vague response about the new star-ratings in the help center.

“Thank you for the feedback about reviews. People are able to control who can see which content they’ve posted and liked on Facebook. As it stands right now, this means that Page Admins won’t be able to see all of the posts about their Page or reviews. When people write directly on a Page that is public, but since reviews are posts about a Page, then the person writing it can control the privacy.”



1.) We can help you come up with some creative ways to encourage and promote better fan reviews!

2.) This could be something Google will take into consideration for SEO rankings. We can help you with an SEO strategy that is combined with social media marketing to boost your results.

3.) Just like Yelp! and Google Plus reviews, this will act in some ways as a validation tool for people looking for businesses like yours online. If you have a good star rating, it will help you to convert these leads better.

4.) We will come up with a social media strategy to retain customers and maximize referrals.

5.) Manage your online reputation.

6.) Help connect you with new business leads.

7.) Make your business more visible through social networks.

Let’s dominate your competition!

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