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Social media marketing is a time consuming task, but it is extremely important in maintaining an online presence, monitoring the conversations about your brand or business online and to bring in new customers! Social media now even affects your SEO results. Many marketers have been debating whether or not Google+ is a waste of time and a desolate ghost town, and if all efforts should be towards building your Facebook business page instead. We took the time to compare the David & Goliath of social networks, and we think YOU SHOULD BE MAKING TIME FOR BOTH!

Google+ launched last year and has become the quickest growing social network with over 100 million active users to date! Facebook is feeling the pressure from their new competitor, and has been rolling out new features to keep their users engaged and interested. To most people, they look at the two and think they are the same, so might as well just choose one to focus on. However, Google+ and Facebook offer very different features that can benefit your small business in many ways.

Facebook – Encourage engagement & keep people interested. Why? Because being popular makes you money!

  • – Facebook is geared more towards traditional marketing: serving ads and messages to a large audience.
  • – Facebook Ads – A great way to find new customers and spread awareness about your company through targeted demographics.
  • – Apps – Facebook allows 3rd party apps to be created for business pages to customize your fans experiences.  Apps include storefronts, RSVPs to events, contact pages, before & after galleries, & much more!
  • – SEO – Your Facebook page will be indexed, but your posts are not searchable in Google.
  • – Posts – The edgerank algorithm determines whether or not your content will be seen in your fans news feeds.
  • – Users – Biggest social network to date!
  • – LIKE’s – They last a short period of time & is visible in friends news feeds, but then after time becomes buried among other posts.
  • – Analytics – Facebook insights provides data to analyze results such as traffic, content, and fans.
  • – Reach – Over 800 million members which gives your business instant access to a large audience.

What does Facebook have that Google+ doesn’t?
Businesses are able to run contests & sweepstakes, offer coupons and deals, and sell products.

Google+ – Search, Plus Your World is a huge game changer because it now alters Google search by showing personal results such as posts, pages, images & Google+ profiles!

  • – Google+ is geared towards content marketing, allowing new & easy distribution.
  • – Ads – Google+ does not offer an advertising tool yet. There has been talk about Google AdWords being offered in the future.
  • – Apps – Google+ doesn’t offer them
  • – SEO – Google+ posts are searchable, and will appear as organic search results in Google. Google has added Google+ into its search algorithm and puts a greater value on Google+ results versus Facebook.
  • – Posts – They will always appear in a circled users stream.
  • – Users – Fastest growing social network to date!
  • – +1 – Appear’s in the +1 tab of your profile but also are visible to your friends searching a relevant topic in Google – its effects last longer than the Facebook LIKE.
  • – Analytics –  Google+ doesn’t offer data for business pages, but Google Analytics will soon be integrated.
  • – Target – Over 50 million users, but you can create Circles which allows your small business to categorize your connections and send personalized and targeted messages to your different Circles.

What does Google+ have that Facebook doesn’t?
Google+ communities allows groups to form around particular interests, and you can join a community as a business page! Google Hangouts enables group meetings, discussions, and demonstrations for potential customers.

So now what? DO BOTH!
Call us, we can help you jumpstart a Social Media Marketing campaign that will bring in new customers & crush competition!


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