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Get ready Facebook because your first real competitor is about to hatch. Did you know that more people are using Google’s websites than Facebook every month…but when it comes to the brass tacks for businesses Facebook blows them out of the water. So what is the search engine giant going to do about this? They have created Google+ which is in developing and testing stages to take on Facebook and bring new innovative social media tools to the table through what they call real-life sharing.

Google + is a social media network that is a mime of natural human interaction. Google is also incorporating features from their other sites into the network. For example, you can share directions from Google maps to a group of friends, or even download Android or Chrome apps to get notifications.

The breakdown of Google+:

  • Share search results and even advertisements.
  • Share content with a specific, intended audience
  • Circles- Put your friends in specific circles, friends in one and family in another, just how your real-life circles of friends are in separate parts of your life.
  • Hangouts- Unplanned meet ups on the web. Let specific friends know you are hanging out and they can start a live face-to-face chat.
  • Instant Upload- Photos and videos will be uploaded automatically, for an “in the moment” type of album. Once uploaded you decide who to show them too.
  • Sparks- Get info on things and trends you are into. Sparks will send you stuff to watch, read and share based off of what it thinks you like. Add your interests and watch the sparks fly!
  • Huddle- Make things easy and have a group chat so everyone can talk and make the weekend decisions together. Put your conversations onto one page.

Check out Google’s Official Blog for their introduction of Google+ and videos on the latest project.