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Today, people are heading to online sites to find out if a business is one worth their visit. All sorts of businesses are on user-review fueled sites like Yelp, and many of them have seen nice increases in their business, given that their reviews are positive.

Yelp uses filtering software to determine which reviews should be filtered on any given day and which will be unfiltered. Only your unfiltered reviews affect your overall star rating.

Now, what if your practice got a bad review (or a few bad reviews) on a popular site like Yelp? Luckily, there are best actions you can take to help clear your business name while maintaining your online etiquette.

1. Be extra calm when responding to your negative review

So, you’ve logged on to your business page on Yelp and are outraged at a recent bad review someone wrote you. Your instant reaction may be to start typing away defending your business. But DON’T! You never want to engage in an argument online with whoever wrote the review.

Respond keeping customer service at the forefront of your efforts-and try to respond in the same way you would if you were speaking with that person face to face. Everyone has worked hard to develop their business, and if you find yourself being extra affected by these reviews and unable to respond diplomatically, perhaps you should appoint someone to take care of handling reviews for you.

2. Invite the customer back into your business and offer compensation

Yes, there are people who go on sites like Yelp after visiting a business and complain about services in hopes that the business owner will see their review and offer something free. You may be able to spot these reviews immediately. While annoying and unfair, responses to these reviews need to be as equally diplomatic as others.

Of course, there are times when someone genuinely feels that they got the short end of the stick at a business visit. Responding to these complaints, either publicly or privately (Yelp gives you that option) shows people that you are genuine and sincere about making sure people have a great experience. Sometimes that person may not take you up on your offer to come back in, and that’s OK, because others who are thinking about coming to your practice will be able to see your efforts.

3. ASK for a review from your patients!

Take the initiative and try to gain control of the reviews written about you online by asking your patients to write a review for your practice!  Getting your happy customers to go home and write you positive reviews are great ways to see a turn around in your online ratings. Providing an incentive for writing a review is an even better way to be sure you will get one. For example, entering people who write you a review into a generous raffle can encourage a happy customer to go online and share their experience with others.

Remember, people are more likely to write a review when they are angry-so by providing an incentive to your happy customers to write you a review-your chances are much higher.

4. Read your reviews constantly and actively manage your reputation

You have to know what people are saying about you online. Being active and engaging with people on user review sites is one way to show that you are up-to-date and care about the state of your business.  Also, reading your online reviews can provide insight on how people are responding to your services or products and give you ideas on how you can improve. Be sure to always read up on what people are saying about you online, and discuss your reviews with your staff regularly to establish consistency.

Sound like a lot of follow up and maintenance? That’s because it is! Our Social Media Architects have INCREDIBLE strategies for getting your practice more reviews and help you manage your online reputation.

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