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How Linkedin Can Help Your Business

When we talk about advertising online, we usually stick to Google Adwords, Facebook, You Tube and Bing. I have not touched on Twitter’s ‘Sponsored Tweets’ yet, but I will in the weeks to come. Today I’d like to focus on the business networking site we all know as Linkedin. How in the world can Linkedin help your business online minus branding, portfolio and just another organic seo result? Let’s break it down…

Linkedin Advertising is not only live, but is claiming big results. I am just beginning to dabble in their platform, but what they claim kinda makes sense. They claim they have the biggest network of business professionals and business “decision makers” online. Obviously, we know that everyone on Linkedin also has a Facebook, but their claim is one to take seriously. Business professionals are more likely to use their Facebook as a personal vacation from their business life. Where on Linkedin, they most likely may be at work where you would want your ad to be seen by them. Obviously it depends on what your ad content is and what you are selling, etc.. The facts are simple. Linkedin has over 187 million members. That is a big reach and a specific reach. The ad platform within Linkedin is much like that of Google Adwords or Bing. I have found better results when setting high bids that then convert into higher impressions, which then convert into more clicks, that then converts into not only conversions, but also better ad quality scores to bring my CPC down. Just like the Adwords game. You have to pay to play at first. Put in the investment and then you should see your CPC come down.

Is Linkedin Advertising worth a shot? ABSOLUTELY. Give it 60 days, put in some money, see what happens. Target your specific audience and see what happens. It might just help your business in ways Google and Facebook can’t.

By Nick Spears – Follow me on Google+

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