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Small businesses can win over their local audience and gain new customers by utilizing social media marketing. Just because you aren’t a big corporation you can still create a Facebook presence and market your small business online, and for a small to free budget! Here are some simple steps and actions to follow to start building your Facebook following!

1.)    Customize a strategy- First, think of the basic goals you want to achieve from your Fan Page. Do you want to introduce and feature products to build awareness? Do you want to use it for organic customer service? Do you want more sales or to build your mailing list? Once you define your goals you can start brainstorming ways to achieve them.

2.)    Create Custom Tabs- There are now numerous custom tab applications available to make your Fan page unique! Take advantage of customizing and making your page interactive to keep fans interested and coming back for more!

3.)    Engage- Make sure you interact with your fans by running contests, promotions, sharable content, and relevant new for your business. Stay social and get fans talking about you. Encourage them to share with their friends!

4.)    Make it a chore- If you only update your fan page once a week, people will lose interest. You have to keep your goals in mind, and be available when your fans need you.

5.)    Customer Service- Use Facebook as a customer service tool. See how fans respond to your various posts, and collect feedback.

6.)    Be Spontaneous- Since you are a small business with a smaller following, reward your loyal fans and customers. Give them a discount, offer a free gift, get them to share how awesome you are with their friends, and keep them coming back for more!