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We all want to see our social media marketing efforts working, but how do you gauge that? Do you measure by phone calls, messages, likes, or shares? Once you determine what you want your audience to do, you need to craft a call to action for them to respond to your message. Here are some tips in creating a call to action that will help encourage your audience to respond to your social media campaign.

  • What do you want your audience to do?

Your message should include a call to action that encourages them to engage with you further. Make it simple, to the point, and something that they know how to do. For example: CALL to book today, or CLICK to learn more!

  • What’s in it for me?

Time is money, so if you want your audience to make an action you have to offer some form of incentive. What is their personal benefit in taking more time to learn about YOU. It can’t always be a special discount or promotion. Try offering exclusive content or behind the scenes information, or even a special event invitation!

  • Make them do it NOW!

Make your call to action urgent! If you give them time to click around they may end up on a competitor’s page, so ask them to make the action NOW. Try a limited time offer, a one time only discount, or something else they can’t pass up.

  • Optimize it.

Here are some quick tips:

– Make it stand out amongst your competition by using bold text, bright colors, or an eye-stopping image.

– Give them one option, you don’t want it to be a hard decision.

– Spell it out for them. Easy directions, simple steps, and provide multiple places to take action.

– Limit the opportunity for your audience, with “one-time or limited-time” offers.

– Make it relevant, don’t trick your fans into clicking on something that is off topic. It will confuse them and make them mad.

– ALWAYS encourage them to SHARE with their friends through social sharing buttons.

  • Stay consistent.

Don’t send them to an irrelevant page or have them call your office with your staff not aware of the current offer or special. Keep the message consistent, keep the steps easy and in order, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Is it working?

You can’t tell if something is really working unless you set goals in the beginning, prior to crafting your call to action. Here are some ways to gauge the success of your call to actions:

– Impressions: how many people are seeing it?

– Clicks: how many people are taking action and wanting more info?

– Completions: how many people filled out a form to request more info?

– Calls: how many people are calling in and mentioning the specific promotion?

– Social Engagement: How many people liked, shared, commented, or re-tweeted?

If you have questions about call to actions, or how to create a social media strategy and run a successful campaign, contact us at 800-949-0133 or! We’d love to chat and help you achieve some INCREDIBLE results.