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One of the very first things you should know as an “SEO Expert” is how to properly optimize a keyword meta tag.  Sure, we all know the keyword meta tag holds minimal power in the overall scope of seo these days, but it is still an example of how seo should be done properly.  It is my biggest pet peeve when I see websites that have general keywords within their meta tags.  This is a red flag.  I spoke about this in my interview with Mashable.  I would never hire an SEO Expert that can’t even understand basic seo theory for proper keyword meta tag optimization.  Nor should you.  Let me explain…

If you have a vein practice located in Phoenix, Arizona, you should never have a keyword meta tag that reads:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”veins, vein doctor, varicose veins, vein care, vein treatment”/>  

Why?  Because this meta tag includes “general” keywords.  You are basically telling the search engines (Google, Bing) that you would like to compete/rank for the keyword “veins” on a National level.  But, not only is that not what you want… it’s not what Google/Bing want.  They will not rank you well for National keywords UNLESS you are a National website, like a WebMD.

That said, if you are a vein practice located in Phoenix, Arizona, you will want to optimize your keyword meta tag for geo targeted keywords that will CONVERT patients for your practice.  No one is going to call your practice who lives in Florida and book an appointment.  You want to rank for Phoenix. These are the visitors that have the best chance of converting into new patients for your practice.  So, your keyword meta tag should look something more like this:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”veins phoenix, vein doctor phoenix, varicose veins phoenix, vein care phoenix, vein treatment phoenix”/>

Your keyword meta tag is just a small piece of the seo puzzle, BUT… it can be used as your seo keyword foundation.  Once you have figured out your main keywords and combine them with your geo target, you can really dial into the rest of your site optimization.  NOW… go check your website’s keyword meta tag and see if you’re set-up correctly!