Home of the incredible bizzy bees

Incredible Marketing has relocated its Corporate Headquarters to a new office in Irvine, California. The new location will harness the expansion needs of the Company and will provide additional room for growth in the future, as well as accommodating the current needs of the Company.

“We are excited for the move, and look forward to making this our new home,” as quoted by Dave Sveen, CFO. “We realized the need for more space, and a more centralized location and immediately honed in on this location. Our new location is perfect for our current and future needs.”

The previous office was located in Huntington Beach, California. The relocation was sparked by the ongoing growth of the company, and the need to adapt Company resources to the needs of our business and client needs. “We’re confident that our new office location will be a vehicle that drives our business to the next level,” says Samuel Peek, CEO. “We’ve already seen an overwhelming response from our clients who seem just as excited about the move as we are.”

Incredible Marketing, Inc. is a world-class organization who specializes in marketing strategies. Antonius Their clients utilize the most robust knowledge of the industry to create and execute marketing campaigns, ranging from Internet Marketing (Web Development, Search Engine Optimization), to Corporate Identity packages (Logo, and brochure designs). Other services Incredible Marketing provide include e-mail marketing, database systems for online shopping carts, as well as general marketing consulting.