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In today’s world of mass communication, a company logo is your link to the public’s mind. If you are not in the back of their head when they think of the industry leader for whatever product or service needed, then you are not going to make money. Logos are so important because businesses are now using them to create an unforgettable brand identity. Logo’s can take on many forms, being as simple as a logotype or wordmark, or being a graphic such as a symbol or icon. Since your logo is the “face” of your company, then it better not be a “Plain Jane”. How do you successfully pick the perfect logo?

First you need to brainstorm ideas such as “play on words” with your company name, images you associate with your business, and your products and services that first come to mind. Get some outside opinions from friends and family, they might help you see the company message from a different angle. Make some mock-ups to use in your elimination process. . You need to stand out from the crowd, so you should consider hiring a professional.

I also recommend looking at other companies who have had success with their logos:


The cursive style represents simplicity. The red and white font is very vibrant and stands out, which is supposed to be enticing and tempting to a younger audience.


The bunny represents innocence and playfulness, but adding the bowtie conveys a formal, classic, and gentlemen’s style to the rabbit.


The Nike “Swoosh” is also a logo that is associated with a brand, representing a metaphor to the movement, speed, and accurateness in sports.

Symbols should hit some specific key points to be successful. They should tell a story, be careful of not offending other cultures, communicate what your company does, not be mistaken for other logos, and most of all interact with your customers.

Some noticeable trends this year in logo design was: warping, animation, & faceting, circles, building objects from circles, the “going-green” feel, and surface effects.

You also want to take into consideration how your logo will look online. Your logo will need to work for multiple facets such as mobile apps, collateral, business cards, icons, and avatars.

If you weren’t blessed with a creative mind, you may want to seek help from a branding expert to help encompass your overall brand identity into your logo. is a resource to reference material for logos and to follow trends. Logo designers can upload their logos and get published in their books. LogoLounge is a great place to get inspired.

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