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In a world where SEO was once the be-all-end-all for Internet marketing, keywords were king. In fact, your content could quite nearly be total crap as long as you crammed in the right keywords in a nice density. Today, SEO has evolved into a much more sophisticated science where content is now king. However, there is no reason to kiss SEO goodbye entirely. There are ways to create an amicable union between SEO and content marketing that will give your business a leg up against your online competition.

Share, Share, Share!

Part of the evolution into content marketing can be credited to the exponential rise in social media, where “friends” like to share everything the Internet offers. Sharable content is very different from SEO content. It is rich in information and spiced up with entertaining writing that people actually want to read. The more your content is shared, the more successful your content marketing will be.

Google: The Search Classic

Despite the rising popularity of social media, the old standby search tool Google is still seeing about one billion searches every month, according to numbers from Search Engine Watch. That old boy isn’t ready to go anywhere, which is why SEO remains a key component to a healthy Internet marketing strategy. However, SEO is about much more than keywords today – instead, savvy marketers must know how to incorporate effective SEO into stellar content for a double-whammy that gets the hits and brings in the buyers.

Tips for Success

To that end, a few tips have been circulating the Internet on how to bring SEO and content marketing together for a one-two marketing punch that is tough to beat. Check out these seven elements good content marketers need to keep in mind today:

– Research keywords, so you know the stuff you are writing is actually content people will want to read
– Keep things consistent by putting content into the same domain
– Create interesting content that blows people away – or at least makes them want to share
– Keep your brand and content consistent so potential customers can easily identify you
– Give your content a sense of purpose so customers know what you stand for just by reading
– Keep it clean – sleazy practices like overstuffing anchor text just don’t cut it any longer
– Give your content a compelling title that catches a reader’s attention

SEO may no longer be the king of Internet marketing, but it’s still an important component in effective content marketing today. Keep these tips in mind when creating your content and your marketing strategy is more likely to rock big results for your business.

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