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Truly INCREDIBLE brands that want to increase their online visibility will be investing in a social media marketing strategy in 2014 for lead generation, referral traffic, and revenue. Your customers are hanging out there, and you should be too! This past year has shown that social influence is on the RISE! Social media has made us change the way we think about SEO. Google has tweaked their algorithm in 2013 with the new Penguin and Panda updates to include social signals as a ranking factor. Here’s some reasons you should be going social:

– Brand awareness
– Word of mouth marketing
– Increase customer loyalty and trust
– Reach targeted audiences & influence them
– Control the conversation with reputation management


Google+ is slowly catching up with the blue giant (Faceboook) providing users a personalized search experience, all part of Google’s master plan. Focus on establishing Google Authorship, it will be a key factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm in 2014. Make sure you optimize your Google+ profile and make connections through this platform. Be sure to encourage +1’s, these are counted as social signals and will gain importance in SERPs.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and ratings are playing a role in customers decision making. Don’t be scared. You need to be building a strong offense of positive reviews online with a proactive approach! Monitor what people are saying about you online and take control of the conversation. Online reviews are gaining more importance, and Facebook even pushed 5-star ratings directly below your cover photo for a more prominent view.

Micro Video’s

Businesses are looking in all directions for unique content pieces to share with their fans. The rise of the micro video in 2013 from Vine and now Instagram is causing businesses to embrace these short videos as quick, inexpensive and efficient ways to tell their brand story. Mix it up with professional and homegrown videos to humanize your brand!

Content Marketing

Sites that have a never-ending supply of fresh and original content will be rewarded like never before. Content marketing is key to attract and retain customers. A few years from now, brands & businesses that create great online experiences will be KILLING IT.

Your online marketing strategy in 2014 should be a blend of incredible content, credible links, and a social media marketing campaign. All three of these should be integrated to BOOST your SEO results.

– Use social media to spread your content across the web.
– Focus on writing high quality content that solves problems and you will get thousands of social shares!
– Content marketing doesn’t get affected by Google algorithm updates.

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