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The best way to make the most of your Google+ is to post compelling and intriguing content that links back to your website.  Having a Google+ page isn’t enough; you want your content to capture the follower’s attention!  This can be done through pictures, blog posts, videos, interviews, and more. Be sexy, risque, & a little taboo if you want to get some action going on your posts.

Ultimately, you want to engage audience members, stimulate discussion and spark debate!  Fan interaction will help drive traffic to your website.


Your followers need a reason to not only visit you but also keep following you.  Fans don’t want to read nonsense that is boring! The best way to do so is to have content that is current and enthralling. Finding out what your followers respond to and what they don’t.  Figure out what kind of marketing is working on your page by looking at the traffic it is getting.  If you have several hundred followers and only two people “liked” your post, then it probably doesn’t work.

Try posting content that pushes the envelope.  If you are a medical office specializing in cosmetic treatments and procedures, share edgy topics that start conversations.  Uploading a photo of someone with several surgeries and post a question like “Did she go too far? SHARE with us!” will start digital chats.  People talking equates to more followers.

Investigate the kind of strategies that are getting the most attention for you!  The more LIKES, the better!


If you post everything at one time, your followers will be completely overwhelmed with information.  Too many posts at once will backfire and your followers will bypass anything you throw at them.  Space out the content you want your followers to see.  Stagger posts if you plan on being an avid poster.  A good way to plan this is to set up a schedule so you know what you will post and what time.  Try posting when followers are taking coffee breaks and eating lunch!  Think about it… followers will be looking at your page during breaks in their work schedule.


Following other companies on Google+ will help you learn from the best.  Several companies that have become successful on Google+ optimize their popularity and traffic by using hashtags.  They are easy to use, but writing an effective one can be tricky.

Hashtag 101: Learn the basics. Creating a hashtag is coming up with a short phrase or keyword that best fits what you are talking about and then putting the # symbol in front of it.  Hashtags don’t necessarily drive traffic to your website, but it can increase your following on Google+.

Make your hashtags relevant to what you are sharing with your followers.  So, if you are posting about the latest mission to Mars, you would want to hashtag #mars, #marscuriousity, and #NASA.  Get it?


One of the major goals when using Google+ is to stand out.  Your voice must be consistent in every social media outlet you use because your language represents your company identity.  Whether you are sassy, funny, or witty, keep the same across the board.

If you already have a Facebook page, a WordPress blog, and a Twitter account, your tone on Google+ should match the tone that is already.  Another way to personalize your posts is to sign them.

You could….

–          Upload your personal John Handcock for a human touch, or

–          Create a clever slogan – “Sincerely” and “Thanks” are overrated… Try something like “Cheers!”

–          You could even go all Gossip Girl with an “XOXO” depending on how formal or informal you want to go with your signature…

Your signature on a post will humanize the interaction and create a better connection with followers.  If your page has a personality, the users will see your identity shine through.


There is prime real estate on your Google+ page, but you have to know where it is and how to use it.  The first spot is on the top right in the profile picture.  The second is on the description of your company located to the left of your cover photo.  These two places can be highly utilized by adding a page link back to your website.  By adding a link, you are referring users to your website and ultimately driving traffic to where you want them to go.

Links can be used by sharing exclusive content that can only be found on your company’s website.  Grab the attention of the user and direct them for a specific reason.  You want it to scream “HEY! CLICK ON ME! LOOK OVER HERE!” without actually saying it.  This may be a video, a blog, or photos you want to share that can only be viewed on your website.  Think about it this way: what you post on Google+ is like the teaser to the movie that is playing on your page.  Get it?

The better the visuals on your Google+ page, the more likely your followers will browse your website.