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DID YOU KNOW that blogging can improve your social media marketing and search engine rankings? Creating unique and engaging content can help boost your online marketing efforts, attract new customers, and brand you as an industry expert. Here are some tips to make your blog INCREDIBLE!

1.) Use Your Social Media Networks to Promote Your Blog Posts!

It is important to maintain a good mix of industry news, fun posts, and self promotional status updates. When you are going to post about your business, you should share links to your blog articles! Fans find more value out of blog articles then self-glorifying status updates. You can utilize your large social fan bases to drive traffic and have them share the blogs with their network of friends as well.

2.) Make it EASY For Your Audience to SHARE it!

The best way to encourage your audience to share your content with their social networks is to add social sharing buttons on your blog posts. There are hundreds of social plugins that you can use. Another way to make this easier is by posting your blog articles onto your social media accounts, and fans can easily share, like, or re-tweet your post! You should always include a call to action at the end of your blog, asking fans to follow you on Facebook & Twitter for your latest news and updates.

3.) Gain More Social Media Followers!

Blogging engaging, unique, and informative content will encourage others to share your articles and connect with you via social media to continue receiving your updates. Your fans & followers interested in your content are also more likely to convert into leads and sales!

4.) Use Facebook Advertising to Drive Traffic and Grow Your Audience!

If you are creating incredible content that is trending, you should run a Facebook Ad or a Promoted Post to drive new readers to your blog. With Facebook Ads, you can target a specific demographic that would be interested in your content, and have a higher chance of converting them. With a Promoted Post, you will get more fans engaged, commenting, liking, and sharing your published articles.

If you need help with getting a blog created, coming up with a content strategy, writing creative blog articles, or running a social media marketing campaign to promote it, CALL US! We can do it all for you! 800-949-0133