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Is Vine worth using? How would I use Vine for my Med Spa? Why would I use Vine for my medical spa? I have some answers if you’ll join me on this little journey down Vine Road… let’s start with the basics.

What is Vine?
Vine is an app created by Twitter that allows users to create 6 second videos. That’s right, I said six seconds. The Vine app also allows users to follow other Vine users. Users can then like, comment or share these six second videos. The Vine app is less than one year old and until today, was exclusive to iPhone users. Vine made their app available to Android users today, but much like any rushed app update, there have been major errors for Android users when they attempt to record. This brings us to our next question…

How do you use Vine?
It couldn’t be more simple. There is a green bar that represents your six second window. Once you touch the screen, the green bar moves. As you hold your finger down on the screen, the green bar fills up, subtracting from your 6 secs. When you remove your finger, the green record bar stops. There is no editing. If you don’t like your Vine, you cannot go back, but you can delete it and start over. Once you have completed recording your Vine and you are satisfied with your end result you move onto the next screen which gives users the opportunity to title their Vine and implement #hashtags and or @mentions to other Vine users. Then you can add a location tag or choose an option to share your Vine on Twitter or Facebook. Then your Vine is ready to publish. Once published, your Vine is live within the Vine stratosphere and will show up on the home wall to those following you. At anytime, you can delete your Vine or email it if desired.

Obviously, Incredible Marketing, Inc. is not in the business of writing blogs about how to use social app technology. What we are in the business of is giving our clients the best advice and education in how they can better their business. Whether that be through search engine optimization strategy implementation, mobile website development or social media marketing. We care about our clients and want to always make sure they are ahead of the curve. That said, now that you understand what Vine can do, I want to share my insight on how this can better your Medical Spa business.

Using Vine for a Med Spa
Unlike Twitter, Vine is a visual medium. You can only capture so much attention from a twitter audience by tweeting about the amazing before and after results your patients have received from you med spa. It’s something your audience needs to see. This is explains why before & after photos are so incredibly effective. Vine gives a medspa the opportunity to document a patient’s experience in a six second story, like a time lapse. It also gives medical spas and aestheticians the opportunity to show people what their treatments look like. For example, if your med spa offers laser tattoo removal, you could show a six second video of a patient sitting comfortably undergoing the laser removal procedure. This gives the viewer a personal view into what it would be like to sit in that chair and undergo that particular procedure. You could then follow that Vine up with a second Vine weeks later showing the patient’s results.

Vine can also be used to show viewers what your facility looks like. Most medical spas are gorgeous inside, why not show potential patients in a six second video rather than a photo? There are so many different ways that Vine could be used in positive and interesting ways to educate with your potential patients, but most importantly, it shows the personal side to your med spa. That is the main theme behind social media. PERSONAL. Nothing is more personal than live video that has not been edited.

An additional strategy is educating viewers on new technology, promotions/specials, etc. Finally, another huge marketing benefit for Vine is the use of tagging your videos with related hashtags. So, your laser tattoo removal Vine could be tagged with #lasertattooremoval, #yourMedSpaname, #skincare, etc. Viners can search hashtags on Vine and find your video that way. How would this not make sense? So, go grab your med spa an iPhone or an iTouch and start Vining! Be strategic about it. Don’t flood your Vine account with junk. Be thoughtful before you press record. Your Vine will represent your business, so make sure you do it right. Oh by the way, did I mention IT’S FREE?!!

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