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What to Post on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Great so you’ve joined the modern age and made a Facebook page for your business!   Congratulations, you savvy web kitten, you.  But now comes the hard part.  WTF do you post on there?!

Facebook for business is quite a bit different from Facebook for personal use.  Your potential customers and fans of your brand will want to see quality, relevant content that makes them excited to be associated with you.  Social media has a high school hallway aspect to it and relies on the cool kids setting the standard for everyone else to follow.   Staying trendy and innovative is the way to win the Facebook game.

Content is Your Digital Personality

For starters, pay attention to what your successful competitors are doing on the Book of Faces.  You don’t want to copy them, but you want to participate in the same conversation with your fans.  The best content will be news and updates about your company, staff, the city where you’re located, and yes your products and services.  But don’t think people Like your page because they want a bunch of junk mail style advertisements cluttering up their feed!   That’s one of the reasons Facebook has reduced the reach of most organic content on business pages.

Your content should create a personality for your business.  Use images that are high quality and edited with clever tag lines and “flavor text.”  Post updates about what’s going on in your office and with your staff because people care more about people than faceless businesses.

Sharing is Caring

Offer things your fans would want to share with one another.  In order to do that, you have to consider what makes someone want to share a piece of content.  Don’t delude yourself into thinking someone will share all your posts with their friends just because you’re so cool and they want to be your free promoters.  People share things to their own network in order to look cool, witty, funny, or well-informed.  Let them be the first to share big news.  Bring them in on a great joke.  Give them a badass picture of your latest product with smoke around it.   Give them the tools to go out there and make their own page a source of inspiration and admiration for their own friends and they’ll always share your stuff.

At the end of the day, Facebook is a place for conversations, usually about things people are passionate about.  Offer value to these conversations, especially those relevant to your brand, and your audience will reward you with their attention, shares, and their patronage.