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The rumors are TRUE! YouTube is now going to charge 99 cents + per month as a subscription fee for a couple dozen of the most popular channels!

There will be a two week window where you can watch the channels for free before the monthly fee kicks in. But don’t worry, if 99 cents is too much for your budget, they are going to provide you a discount if you sign up for a yearly subscription. More paid channels will be coming out in the next weeks. According to YouTube’s blog, you can expect more full episodes from your favorite channels.

YouTube says this is their new way to support great content being created through the YouTube partner program. These pilot channels will be offering more content for you to view, and once you subscribe to them you can watch on various devices such as your computer, phone, tablet, & TV! May be just a new monetizing strategy for YouTube, but will this affect the viewership? Would you pay a subscription fee to watch your favorite YouTube channels?