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Have you noticed a difference in your search results since the Google Penguin update back in May 2013? There are new rules for SEO and now it is all about the user and content. This blog article will explain how to survive the next digital age and how to dominate search results through awesome content, engaging on social media networks, and earning backlinks as a recognizable industry leader. Google Penguin is changing the future of SEO and now heavily weighing valuable site content and increasing social signals. So what should you do to stay at the top of search results? Create GREAT CONTENT and spread it via SOCIAL MEDIA. SEO tactics need to be integrated into your social media as well. Below is a 101 on how to boost your SEO results by integrating social media into your online marketing campaign.


Creating engagement with your social media fans and followers is INCREDIBLY important. LIKES, shares, retweets, and +1’s all indicate content that is interesting, popular and trustworthy. Googlebots are looking for these social signals and the content creators authority as a weighing factor in the ranking algorithm. For example, if the post your practice made on Facebook about varicose vein removal is being liked and commented on, this will be a boosting factor for your search results.


Social Media mentions indicate to search engines that you are authentic, dependable and that you post content that your followers like and find useful.

Quality Backlinks

Less is more when it comes to quality backlinks for SEO value. Make sure your links are from authority sites that are relative to your industry and what you do! For example, link your site from directories, comments and blog post, from reputable sources that are relevant in your industry or from press releases about your practice.


Blogging is one of the best ways to produce valuable content. By adding interesting and newsworthy blog articles to your website, Google will see you as a go to source for your industry and will help you build brand recognition for your practice. For example, creating blog articles about your latest vein removal procedures, why compression stockings are a must, or best tips to keep varicose veins from returning after a treatment is all valuable information that people would be interested in. Information in blog posts are more likely to be talked about and shared, which will keep the social buzz going about your practice and maintain your practice is visibility in search results. Data shows that websites who actively blog have 55% more visitors than websites that don’t. You always want your content to be working for your website. Make sure you use Google’s rel=”author” tool to track and credit you for your original content.

Chances are your competitor is not maximizing their SEO with Social Media. Did you know that 8 million Americans are looking for medical information on the internet every single day? Can they find you? Our team of Social SEO architects can strategize and execute an online marketing campaign that integrates SEO and social media that will have your website dominating the search results.

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