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Increase Facebook Engagement With Tabs!

Posted on August 22, 2013 in SEM, Social Media, News

Facebook tabs are used to increase engagement and ‘LIKES’ on your Facebook fan page, capture your audience’s attention, and convert fans into customers.

You have the power to transform your Facebook page into a mini-website! Ideally, your Facebook page should be optimized in such a way that your fans know what your business is all about and what sets you apart from your competition within a few minutes of visiting it.

Many businesses are using Facebook tabs to create stronger ties with their clientele and open more lines of communication.  With Facebook tabs you can create a very user friendly atmosphere on your page that will allow your fans to get their questions answered, educated them on your services & products, and capture them as a lead!

Incredible Marketing creates customized Facebook tabs for our medical clients that answer questions and provide a resource for your patients directly. Here are some of the ways that having customized Facebook tabs can build the reputation of your practice and reach your fans at an extensive level.

Customize your tabs to maintain a theme for your branding

You used to hear people say things like location, location, location. But now, it’s branding, branding, branding! When a fan opens up your Facebook page, are they going to feel like they ended up in the wrong spot? You want your patients (and potential patients) to always know that they are looking at things for your practice. You have to create consistency.  That is why all major brands create custom Facebook banners and tabs that play on the colors and themes of their websites. This is VERY important and sets you apart as an industry leader who knows their stuff. This is number ONE.

An “Our Services” Tab

This is the BINGO tab for a lot of your Facebook fans. People want to know what you can do for them in the fastest and easiest way. With a customized tab on Facebook that features the name of your practice and all the services you offer, fans who are on your page can easily see what you have and what they want. It’s a convenient way for people to browse through your services and can then lead them to another very important tab that every practice needs: the scheduling tab.

“Schedule a Consultation” Tab

The goal is to get people in the door, right? With a tab on your Facebook page that allows people to complete a consultation request form on the spot, you are only making things easier for a patient to come into the practice.

Also, with a scheduling tab you can ask for a name, telephone number and time that a patient would like to come in and then call them to book or confirm an appointment. They can even check-mark the various services or treatments they are interested in! This is also another great way to interact with them and engage them.

“Before and After Gallery” Tab

You have great pictures on your website that really show off your level of expertise and great work, so why not use them on Facebook by creating a before & after gallery?

Your fans will be able to click through those photos conveniently.  No need to direct them to different URLs so they can see how great they can potentially look; now they can see it all on Facebook!

“Coupons and Offers” Tab

Your Facebook fans are GREAT! Make sure they know how special they are with a tab on your page that offers exclusives, discounts and deals just for them. This is a fantastic way to reward your loyal fans and patients.

Also, this tab allows for your patients and fans to make it a habit to continuously come back to your page and check out what special offers are available only to them.

“Leave us a Review” Tab

Everyone is heading to review sites online to give their two-cents on their experiences with brands and businesses. So why not ask people who are your fans to leave you a review!?

Having a tab on your Facebook page that invites people to leave you a review is a great way to build an offense of positive reviews AND is an easy place to direct people to share their recommendation. With one click your patients and fans will have easy access to all the different review sites you are listed on. Remember, making things EASY for people is KEY! When someone can get to your review pages in just a few clicks, they are much more likely to leave you a review than if they had to do the searching themselves.

These are just a few ways that you can use Facebook tabs to capture, engage, and convert fans into patients. Incredible Marketing can work with you to create customized tabs that are tailored specifically for you practice, custom designed with your branding, and coded to function like a mini website all within your Facebook page. Are you ready to create a buzz through social media marketing? Call us today to get started on optimizing your Facebook page for your practice: 800.949.0133 OR visit us at