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Ten Qualities Of World-Class Brands

Posted on March 12, 2011 in Branding, News

Source: Branding Strategy Insider

1. Well-known – without awareness, nothing else counts; a brand can’t be in people’s purchase consideration sets unless they are aware of the brand

2. Relevant – the brand must be perceived to be relevant to people’s hopes, needs and desires

3. Differentiated – to stand out among competitive alternatives, the brand must be unique in ways that matter to customers

4. Customer-Centric – only when the brand knows its customers and their needs well, can it deliver exceptional purchase and usage experiences

5. Trustworthy – this implies being honest and authentic, consistent and predictable, reliable and dependable, and always delivering on its promises

6. Innovative – while a brand can succeed for a while without being innovative, ultimately, given today’s hyper-competitive environment, brands must anticipate customer needs and surprise and delight their customers with a constant stream of relevant innovations

7. Likeable – brands can and do create emotional connections with their customers; to do so, they should share values with their customers, possess admirable qualities, and be likeable and easy to work with

8. Accessible – to convert brand preference into brand purchase, brands must be easy to find and purchase; they must be accessible and convenient

9. Popular – while brands can be overexposed and certain exclusive brands thrive on their exclusivity, in general, strong brands are perceived to be very popular, much sought after and possessing positive momentum; strong brands receive significant “buzz”

10. Valuable – when all of a brand’s functional, emotional, experiential and self-expressive customer benefits are weighed against the cost (money and time) of acquiring and using the brand, its value must be perceived to be good, excellent or superior .