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In SEO world, location is very significant. Search engine deliver relevant results to users not only through keywords searched but also in the language used as well. People from United States of America will be surely annoyed if the search results are written in Chinese. A good search engine has to be capable of giving the results in the appropriate language and the nearest possible location of the hosting server of the website with the corresponding content to the search query.

It’s hard to rank a website on a particular country if it is hosted on a different country or worse different continent. Several search engines are capable of knowing the country of a certain website through the extension of the domain name such as, and or via the physical address of the website based upon the IP address. Search engines are able to interpret the data that informs the IP addresses of all the websites and the domain suffixes allocated to some countries as well.

You will surely have a hard time if the personal website you have is in the United Kingdom but hosted in Singapore and you want to rank in Google UK Your website should switch host to servers located in the United Kingdom.

For you to be able to know which country hosted your website, there are online tools available for you. You’ll be able to determine the reason why your website is not ranking in popular search engines.

It’s kind of disappointing if all this time you knew your website is hosted on the country you targeted for and yet the truth is, its server is located on the other country. If you want to improve search engine ranking of your website will continuously soar high, do something about it as early as now. Companies with ecommerce websites need this aspect badly to be able to sell products and services successfully and of course with the help of applying ecommerce SEO methods.