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A press release is a short, unbiased announcement of a new event, business or product. It is very essential in promoting a product or a service and your company as a whole. Below are important things to consider for an effective press release:

Most copywriters know that they either make it or break it with the headline. Your press release deserves a captivating headline.  It is a newsworthy announcement like a new product or even a revolutionary system – drawing enough of the reader’s attention but not to sound as an advertisement. Using appropriate adjectives are a big help as well.

Content, Date and Location
The first paragraph of your content should have the date and location of release. You want the press release to be official. When and where the press release happened is a standard format of a press release.

You also want to make sure that the content of your press release delivers what the headline entails to encourage the readers to keep reading. Otherwise, you may lose their interest.

Write in Simple, Straight to the Point English
Avoid big words. Go for simplicity and straight forward English for your press release. Technical language to explain some details of your press release can be used sparingly. But plain, simple and everyday language is more effective and appreciated by the readers.

Attaching a personality into your press release kindles one’s interest. Readers will simply know that there is an actual person involved and is being interviewed. Name dropping is also as effective in catching attention. Mention a name of an individual or a company as long as it is appropriate in the press release.

Benefiting Factor
You should let your readers know that they will benefit from whatever it is that you are promoting. Giving your readers information, products or services that would solve their problem will encourage them to read further and take action.

Contact Information
Another important factor in press releases is the contact information. You want your readers to know the easiest means to take action. Don’t leave out your phone numbers, web and email addresses, and even a link to an inquiry or order form.

Now that you have a good grasp on how to write a press release don’t begin and write one just yet. It is also important to pick and use as reference a couple of press releases that caught your attention. Read through it and find out what draw your attention, why you read ‘til the end and how it called you to take action.

You now have a big head start and well on your way to take advantage of the huge benefits of a well-written press release. It is well worth the effort – it gives you great exposure, drive traffic to your website, and even build valuable back links over a long period of time saving you a big deal of money on advertising.