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Design Process: Creative Billboard Campaigns

Posted on December 10, 2010 in Print, Articles

Source: Just Creative Design

In this article I will guide you through the design process of creating a creative billboard campaign for a University project of mine with some tips along the way.

Tips For Outdoor Advertising

Before I get into the design process of the campaign I will share with you some tips I learnt during my research of designing for outdoor advertising.

  • Product Identification – Your message / product should register quickly.
  • Short Copy – Your message should be brisk and provocative.
  • Legibible Type – Your message should be able to read at a distance, and while the person is moving.
  • Layout – All elements of the design / campaign should come together as a single unit / package.
  • Images – Your images must be big enough to capture attention / convey a meaning.
  • Bold Colours – Your design should separate well from its surroundings and gain attention.
  • Simple Background – The background should usually be simple so as not to interfere with the message unless of course it adds to the design / message.
  • Innovative / Creative / Humorous – If you can include these traits in your design, it will go a lot further than any other message.
  • Less Is More – Single minded, focused ads deliver more impact.

The Brief

Now that I have given you some tips I will guide you through my design process.

This assignment was given to me in my Design For Advertising class and the brief was to create a 6mx3m billboard campaign (3 billboards) to gain awareness of how tough living the life as a single pensioner is here in Australia.

We had unlimited creative freedom and we had to research everything ourselves including billboard sizes, best locations, prices, what being on the pension was like, statistics, etc.

Some interesting information:

  • 2,750,000 people are on the Single Age Pension here in Australia
  • Single pensioners receive $281 a week (works out to be $40 a day)
  • Research has shown $80 more is needed per week to lead a healthy lifestyle


After carrying out the research as I mentioned above I drew up a mind map, which is one of my ‘get creative‘ methods. Mind mapping is a great way to figure out word associations and a good way let your ideas run wild. seo link . While mind mapping I also draw / write down any ideas that come to mind.

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