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Avoid Marketing Brochure Mistakes

Posted on February 4, 2011 in Print, News

Source: A successful marketing brochure has to do more than look good. It has to be a focal point to selling your product or your service. Content is what sells, so when you think about having a fancy brochure; make sure that you write it to be persuasive. A marketing brochure is sells material and it seems that some small businesses fail to realize that. A brochure says that your small business is here to compete in the marketplace,[...] Continue Reading

Source: Business Review USA The Big Game is this Sunday and while you’re already salivating over a full day of eating, drinking and rooting on your favorite team, there are a number of American brands who are not only dropping upwards of $3 million for a commercial spot, but who will also be integrating their social media campaigns to offer up some pretty impressive prizes – just for logging into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Budweiser has already reached out[...] Continue Reading

Source: Just Creative Design In this article I will guide you through the design process of creating a creative billboard campaign for a University project of mine with some tips along the way. Tips For Outdoor Advertising Before I get into the design process of the campaign I will share with you some tips I learnt during my research of designing for outdoor advertising. Product Identification – Your message / product should register quickly. Short Copy – Your message should[...] Continue Reading

Source: Social Media Today 1. Develop a game plan. What is your game.  Why are you playing? How will you build a team? What are the plays you need to win? Who needs to be on your team?  Goals and objectives are critical and a must have for any business. If you don’t have a plan for your social media efforts and don’t know how to build one, find someone who does. Hire a coach and your ROI can be[...] Continue Reading

Source: Clickz How should you spend your search marketing budgets: on paid search advertising or search engine optimization? It often depends on whom you ask. Last month, I moderated a panel at SES San Francisco that explored that issue. Rand Fishkin, CEO of, and Benu Aggarwal, president of Milestone Internet Marketing, made the case for SEO. Arguments for SEO included the great land grab that exists for placement in local, news, blog, video, image, product feeds, and Web results[...] Continue Reading

Social Media
Posted on January 1, 2010 in Social Media, Articles

Incredible Marketing- Facebook: Worth It, or a Waste of Time? January 1, 2010 Do you cringe when you hear the name “Facebook”?  This is the biggest social networking website on the internet today, but its name has been haunted in the business world as “immature”.  There may be some truth in this, but the question at hand is, is Facebook worth it or a waste of my time? In my opinion, the answer is very simple. YES. But, I am[...] Continue Reading

To kick off the New Year, Incredible Marketing finalized plans to acquire Orange County website development firm, Dak Solutions, Inc. ( Dak Solutions has been in business for a number of years and will prove to bring very valuable resources and experience to the Incredible Marketing Team. . Dak Solutions has now moved into Incredible Marketing headquarters, based in Irvine, CA. With this acquisition, Incredible Marketing will add additional designers, 5 high level programmers, and former President of Dak Solutions[...] Continue Reading

Source: Ezine Articles In this cut-throat competition of the online business, your sophisticated and developing business deserves the best. Magento, being robust, scalable, rich in features and user friendly, is totally a new generation PHP based open source e-commerce solution. The web designing and development industry is flooded with e-commerce applications. However, there is no denying fact that Magento is the answer for all your needs. There are some of the marked benefits that have been enlisted below to avail[...] Continue Reading

Yes, ePhlebology has teamed up with the fastest growing SEO firm and custom web design company in the industry! What many may not realize is that Incredible Marketing’s co-founder and CEO, Samuel E Peek is also the Director of Operations and Executive Board Member of ePhlebology. Mr. Peek has been working closely with ePhlebology founder, Dr. Roger Hogue, to increase the effectiveness of your ePhlebology membership by creating a more efficient and user-friendly design for ePhlebology members/vendors. ePhlebology is a[...] Continue Reading

Incredible Marketing has relocated its Corporate Headquarters to a new office in Irvine, California. The new location will harness the expansion needs of the Company and will provide additional room for growth in the future, as well as accommodating the current needs of the Company. “We are excited for the move, and look forward to making this our new home,” as quoted by Dave Sveen, CFO. “We realized the need for more space, and a more centralized location and immediately[...] Continue Reading