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Google just recently announced that Google Places will now have a Reviews tab, which will allow business owners to see all their customer reviews in one place. Businesses will also be able to respond to the reviews directly from the new Reviews tab. Google said: “Today, we’re introducing Reviews in Google Places for Business. Now you can learn what your customers are saying about your business on Google and across the web, in one place. If you have a verified[...] Continue Reading

Have you noticed the new five-star rating on your Facebook business page? They are not new, but their location is, and this could IMPACT your business! The stars are hard to miss, located right beneath your cover photo and business name. Their visibility could easily cause people to quickly judge your brand or business before scrolling through your timeline to see all of your great fan engagement! THE GOOD This could be great! If your brand rocks and you have[...] Continue Reading

Let’s start with this simple fact: People LOVE to shop! Social Media is a great way to increase your online visibility, promote word of mouth marketing, and build buzz around your products and services. People visit your Facebook page because they want to see the expert tips and how-to-tricks you post, to learn something about your practice, and to access special deals and promotions. Here is a list of the 4 best ways to sell your products & get people[...] Continue Reading

Here are 5 tips to adjust to Google’s new data blackout! As any search specialist would tell you – it was bound to happen.  As of immediately, Google has shut down access to organic keyword tracking information.  Online marketers have thrived for over a decade in knowing where traffic was coming from and how a specific keyword played into delivering traffic. In other words, we used to know what keywords drove the most traffic to your site, and now we[...] Continue Reading

Recently, a WebmasterWorld thread had claims from multiple webmaster’s stating that non-explicit images are being filtered from image results in SafeSearch mode. This has been an ongoing issue since back in 2007. At that time, Barry Schwartz, of Search Engine Roundtable, stated: “What we have been noticing is that Google has been a bit more sensitive on image filtering recently. This has impacted a lot of webmaster’s, where they have noticed a major decline in image search traffic” Earlier this year, Google[...] Continue Reading

Google recently announced a big change in its advertising policy, and it will put many of its users on the front page of the Internet. This change takes place starting on November 11, 2013 and your face, name, reviews and endorsements will all be seen by other Google users. Google’s position is the desire to provide more personalized, relevant ad data. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, if you are like many people, it sounds awful. There is also a big percentage of people that[...] Continue Reading

Incredible Marketing will be attending Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2013 in San Diego October 11-15th. Plastic Surgery The Meeting is the premier event in plastic surgery, bringing together international surgeons, trainees, and other health professionals for education and networking. This year, Incredible Marketing will be attending the conference, offering their expertise in online medical marketing. “When plastic surgeons visit us at The Meeting, we want them to walk away with practical knowledge that they can digest and make sense of.[...] Continue Reading

Understanding Google’s Hummingbird Update Google has had numerous updates (Penguin, Panda, Caffeine) to their search algorithm over the past few years, but none quite like Hummingbird. September 27, 2013. A day to remember within the internet space. It marked the 15th birthday of Google, as well as the announcement of their new search algorithm update ‘Hummingbird’. Google hopes to advance the quality among the search results it spits out upon being queried. Amit Singhal, the Senior V.P. of Google, stated[...] Continue Reading

80% of online searches are healthcare related. How many searches do you think it takes for someone to find you? One of the ways people are searching online for healthcare professionals and health-related information is through social media. People are using social networking sites to seek medical information, discuss symptoms, treatments, procedures, and broadcast about their experiences with a particular healthcare provider or practice. You need an online marketing strategy that encompasses social media marketing to attract, engage, and convert[...] Continue Reading

If you are going to go social, you better do it right! Social Media is the new way of capturing people’s attention, engaging, and converting them into paying customers. People are more “brand aware” than ever before, and if you are not actively growing an audience online through social networks, you will begin to lose to your competition. It’s about getting people to know you and your business on a social level, what sets you apart, why you are cutting-edge,[...] Continue Reading