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Incredible + ASLMS Boston 2013

Posted on April 4, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

  Incredible Marketing is attending the 33rd ASLMS Annual Conference! Incredible Marketing regularly attends The American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery Annual Conference’s. This year, the Laser 2013 ASLMS Conference will be held in Boston April 3-7, 2013. We will be there to discuss medical marketing & how to increase your online visibility to convert new patients & customers. We are a multi-faceted company with services ranging from custom website and logo design, consulting, social media marketing & search[...] Continue Reading

Google+ Multiplies

Posted on April 1, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Google+ Introduces Communities ‘Google+ is supposedly the fastest growing social media network on the web‘, says, you guessed it… Google! But, I do agree. The dark days of Google+ are slowly fading. The sun is starting to peak through the clouds. Not many people use Google+ regularly, but the geeks at Google are once again doing their best to entice you. So, lucky us, Google has decided to add Google+ Communities. Let’s see what all the hype is about shall[...] Continue Reading

Tips To Make Your Blog Incredible!

Posted on March 30, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

DID YOU KNOW that blogging can improve your social media marketing and search engine rankings? Creating unique and engaging content can help boost your online marketing efforts, attract new customers, and brand you as an industry expert. Here are some tips to make your blog INCREDIBLE! 1.) Use Your Social Media Networks to Promote Your Blog Posts! It is important to maintain a good mix of industry news, fun posts, and self promotional status updates. When you are going to[...] Continue Reading

The Facebook News Feed Gets a FACELIFT!

Posted on March 19, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Are you ready for another Facebook update with revamped features? The new News Feed will have larger images, multiple feeds for different interests, and a streamlined user experience across devices. Facebook decided to redesign the News Feed in hopes of solving their biggest challenges: keeping users from jumping to other social networks and bringing in more money for investors. Mark Zuckerberg said he wants Facebook to be “the best personalized newspaper in the world.” The News Feed will now feature[...] Continue Reading

Google+ VS. Facebook – Which Is Better?

Posted on March 14, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Social media marketing is a time consuming task, but it is extremely important in maintaining an online presence, monitoring the conversations about your brand or business online and to bring in new customers! Social media now even affects your SEO results. Many marketers have been debating whether or not Google+ is a waste of time and a desolate ghost town, and if all efforts should be towards building your Facebook business page instead. We took the time to compare the[...] Continue Reading

Incredible Keyword Meta Tag Optimization

Posted on March 12, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Watch the following video on Incredible Keyword Meta Tag Optimization:   One of the very first things you should know as an “SEO Expert” is how to properly optimize a keyword meta tag.  Sure, we all know the keyword meta tag holds minimal power in the overall scope of seo these days, but it is still an example of how seo should be done properly.  It is my biggest pet peeve when I see websites that have general keywords within[...] Continue Reading

WordPress vs Drupal: Round II

Posted on February 28, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Editor’s note: This is PART 2 of the article we previously wrote – WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal. This article is for the serious nerds, and those that want to know more about Drupal vs WordPress.  We are comparing WordPress Version 3.5+ vs Drupal’s latest version 7.x WordPress vs Drupal: Round II Welcome to this week’s nerd fight, WordPress vs. Drupal.  On one side we have WordPress, the world’s most used CMS, and the choice of designers everywhere.  On the other[...] Continue Reading

3 Steps to Finding NEW LIFETIME Patients

Posted on February 26, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Every month, the amount of people who search the web for healthcare information increases. How many different websites, Facebook pages, and review sites do you think your new potential patients visit before they find you? Marketing your healthcare practice online is more important now than ever, due to the accessibility the internet provides people with information. People are now depending on the recommendations of others to make decisions, and your website, SEO, and social media marketing efforts need to be[...] Continue Reading

Don’t Fear the Penguin

Posted on February 25, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

Don’t Fear the Penguin As an SEO Director that has embraced social media, I urge SEO experts to not fear Google Penguin. Embrace it. Hug the Penguin. Let me explain why… Google Penguin plans to give content creators a fair shake. That’s really it. So, why should that be something to be bummed about? It should not. Search engines like Google and Bing should spit out the best results when you search for a keyword. It shouldn’t come down to[...] Continue Reading

Facebook Search – The Positives & Negatives

Posted on February 23, 2013 in Incredible Marketing News

The social media juggernaut is getting into the search engine world. This would be a huge step for Facebook to take. Currently, their network is funded by a digital ad platform, one that I believe to be better than Google’s. To shift focus from their bread and butter to search is a crazy move. This would be another platform and grand audience for companies and marketers to implement. But, it will also be a new platform to learn, test and[...] Continue Reading